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SCV 2018 Drumline // San Antonio [quality audio]

SCV running book chunks in the lot in San Antonio!


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SCV Quads 2018 — 4K – BINAURAL AUDIO

The Santa Clara Vanguard tenors running their features in Pasadena before their Rose Bowl performance!

Recorded with a Sony a6500 and a 3Dio FreeSpace binaural microphone. NOTE: Unfortunately the quality is reduced because the mic turned out to be too sensitive for recording drums and I had to get rid of the clipping. Lesson learned, but my apologies. Enjoy!

LHFF: Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 vs Star of Indiana 1993

Match #26 of the LotHype Fan Face-off bracket tournament!

We have Legendary vs Revolutionary as Santa Clara’s 1989 program “Phantom of the Opera” goes head-to-head with the 1993 Star of Indiana’s “The Music of Barber and Bartók”

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Full Bracket:

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