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Fan Face-Off: Carolina Crown 2015 vs The Cavaliers 2006

The FINAL match of Round 3! We cap off our video match-ups (until the live finale!) with a fantastic match-up, Carolina Crown 2015’s “Inferno” up against the The Cavaliers 2006, “Machine”!

Voting post: https://www.facebook.com/LotHype/videos/vb.1314679675212075/1952126064800763

Full Bracket: https://www.lothype.com/dci-fan-favorite-ultimate-off-season-show-bloodbath-delux/

LHFF: Bluecoats 2014 vs Bluecoats 2016

The match-up goes meta as Down Side Up goes up against Tilt!

This is match #28 of the LotHype Fan Favorite Bracket tournament! To vote, visit our match-up post on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LotHype/videos/1944110295602340/

Full Bracket Here: https://www.lothype.com/dci-fan-favorite-ultimate-off-season-show-bloodbath-delux/

LHFF: Phantom Regiment 2008 vs The Cavaliers 2010

VOTE HERE: https://www.facebook.com/LotHype/videos/1926326784047358/

FULL BRACKET: https://www.lothype.com/dci-fan-favorit…/

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LHFF: Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 vs Star of Indiana 1993

Match #26 of the LotHype Fan Face-off bracket tournament!

We have Legendary vs Revolutionary as Santa Clara’s 1989 program “Phantom of the Opera” goes head-to-head with the 1993 Star of Indiana’s “The Music of Barber and Bartók”

Voting must be done on this specific Facebook post for it to count! (https://www.facebook.com/LotHype/posts/1935355386477831)

Full Bracket: https://www.lothype.com/dci-fan-favorite-ultimate-off-season-show-bloodbath-delux/

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