WGI 2018: POW Percussion – IN THE LOT

Vic Firth presents POW PERCUSSION – IN THE LOT!

Stay tuned for MORE videos from the lot in Dayton, OH!


PIW Highlights: https://youtu.be/GfsHr1fKYZc

More PIW videos:
Broken City : https://youtu.be/acNORvmp3jA
Pulse Percussion : https://youtu.be/ogBaXvH01KI
Infinity : https://youtu.be/aD3AxsRf1zM
United Percussion : https://youtu.be/nJFlV0MHUOY
Stryke Percussion : https://youtu.be/yoGOYunewDo

PSW Highlights: https://youtu.be/Foqm1BufG6o

More PSW videos:
Chino Hills HS : https://youtu.be/01gXLeQACpk
Dartmouth HS : https://youtu.be/JuddrMy2IIo


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